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fortell the future?

psh yea right? really?

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This community started on August 29, 2002.

Q: whose prophesies can be posted?
A: anyone that has the time to post their belief, or has time to google for a prophecy.
Q: how seriously you take them? Personally, that's personal. others, *shrug* take them at face.
Q: what your goal is as a community?
A: prophecy has been fortold, and came true. it's not a goal, it is a existance. some may have a gift. Or it could just be the way it is.

Stuff like that if you want. Discussions, or really whatever on the topic of the community. Any questions? Comments? Wishes? Feel free.

The community founders are gizmolay, and weeve if you need anything please feel free to contact either.
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